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NEWLIFE's Current Expos
03/09/13 - 03/10/13
Broward County Convention Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Newlife Expo

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New Life Expo New york Florida

 Welcome to the NEWLIFE Expo Focusing on Health & Wellness at the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC on May 29-31. This year I decided to evolve the Yoga & Raw Food into the Health & Wellness Expo to include the whole spectrum of health. My goal is to assist you in reaching your healthiest maximum potential in mind, body, spirit and emotions itors and speakers and exhibitor from around the country including Dr. Robert Young and  Dr. Howard Robins. Of course we will still be having yoga classes and  Raw Food panel and a raw food dining area.
And as a thank you for your support,
 Besides our Raw Food panels, enjoy our Nutrition ,Sexuality & Sensuality Panel and Strange Universe Panels..
So, if your life isn¹t as healthy or vital or as exciting as you want it to
be, come to the NEWLIFE Health & Wellness Expo and meet over 10,000 people who want to learn the same things as you. Take a weekend out of your ordinary life, and enjoy an extraordinary world of possibilities.
Someone once told me, Go to a bar and meet a drunk, but go to the expo
and meet a god or goddess. Who knows? You might even fall in love. One thing I can promise is that your life will never be the same. Aren't you worth $15 for a day or $25 for a whole weekend?

     Om Sholom

Mark Becker

Mark Becker


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